Client Testimonials

What our customers are saying…

“Craig fixes our computer without even being here! He really knows what he’s doing and is a pleasure to work with. Boy, are we lucky we found him.”

Arnold W./Queens (New York, NY)

“You are so good at your job. It is such a joy to work with someone who is so clear and good at what they do and cares about providing service with excellence, care and professionalism. Thanks for always being so helpful and responsive.”

Beverly S./Atlanta (ex-Westchester, NY)

“I want to personally thank you for your support over the years. Whether it’s been for personal or home business use, your timely and professional service has been great. Whether it is advising us on a new computer or diagnosing one of the many problems that arise, you are always there. I particularly like your remote diagnostic capabilities which help keep our costs down, while addressing our issues in a timely fashion.”

Alan G./Ossining (Westchester, NY)

“Thanks a million – you know how nervous i get when I don’t understand something technical. i have a list of telephone numbers at my desk called “Helping Hands” my lawyer, accountant, banker and you!”

Susanne S./Tuckahoe (Westchester, NY)

“Great guy. Very reliable and knows his stuff.”

Anne R./Briarcliff (Westchester, NY)

“I have found Craig to be fantastic. Attentive, quick to respond, honest and ahead of the curve.”

Dr. Jason K./Manhattan (New York, NY)

“Just wished to say thanks for coming so quickly to help me out of a serious bind. I was quite impressed with your abilities and quick thinking, and apparent years of experience to get me up and running again. Thanks again for rescuing us, you truly ARE a great doctor of the IT world – such a critical service you provide.”

Dr. Allen Z./Yorktown Heights (Westchester, NY)